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    Ragnar Jónasson

    @00000400@@00000327@Pre-order @00000133@t@00000327@he final nail-biting instalment in the critically acclaimed Hidden Iceland series@00000133@@00000341@@00000327@@00000133@@00000327@@00000133@@00000341@@00000327@'No country associated with the label Nordic noir is as bleak, cold, snowy and empty as Iceland. And no crime writer portrays those elements as evocatively and scarily as Ragnar Jonasson' @00000373@The Times@00000155@@00000133@@00000341@@00000327@@00000133@@00000341@1987. An isolated farm house in the east of Iceland. @00000163@@00000400@The snowstorm should have shut everybody out. But it didn't.@00000163@@00000400@The couple should never have let him in. But they did.@00000163@@00000400@An unexpected guest, a liar, a killer. Not all will survive the night. And Detective Hulda will be haunted forever.@00000163@@00000400@@00000327@@00000427@Praise for Ragnar Jonasson@00000192@@00000133@@00000341@@00000327@@00000427@@00000192@@00000133@@00000341@@00000327@'[@00000373@The Darkness@00000155@ is]@00000133@ @00000327@Superb. . . chilling . . . one of the great tragic heroines of contemporary detective fiction' @00000373@Sunday Times @00000155@Crime Book of the Month@00000133@@00000341@@00000327@@00000133@@00000327@@00000133@@00000341@@00000327@'A modern take on an Agatha Christie-style mystery, as twisty as any slalom' Ian Rankin @00000133@@00000163@@00000400@@00000327@'A classic crime story seen through a uniquely Icelandic lens. First rate and highly recommended' Lee Child@00000133@@00000341@@00000327@@00000133@@00000341@@00000327@@00000133@@00000373@@00000327@'@00000133@@00000155@@00000327@Chilling - a must-read' Peter James@00000133@@00000341@@00000327@@00000133@@00000327@@00000133@@00000341@@00000327@'Page-turning stuff with an unexpected ending!' James Swallow @00000133@@00000163@@00000400@@00000327@'Was gripped from the start of this brilliantly told story. And left wide-eyed with shock at the ending' Fiona Barton@00000133@@00000163@@00000400@@00000327@'A true masterpiece . . . a plot full of twists and turns and an ending that leaves you gasping for air' Yrsa SigurO.ardottir@00000133@@00000163@

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    Ragnar Jónasson

    PRE-ORDER THE NAIL-BITING STORY FROM THE MILLION COPY BESTSELLING AUTHORbr>br>''A world-class crime writer . . . One of the most astonishing plots of modern crime fiction'' Sunday Timesbr>br>''It is nothing less than a landmark in modern crime fiction'' The Times br>br>''TEACHER WANTED ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD . . .''br>br>Una knows she is struggling to deal with her father''s sudden, tragic suicide. She spends her nights drinking alone in Reykjavik, stricken with thoughts that she might one day follow in his>br>So when she sees an advert seeking a teacher for two girls in the tiny village of Skalar - population of ten - on the storm-battered north coast of the island, she sees it as a chance to>br>But once she arrives, Una quickly realises nothing in city life has prepared her for this. The villagers are unfriendly. The weather is bleak. And, from the creaky attic bedroom of the old house where she''s living, she''s convinced she hears the ghostly sound of>br>Una worries that she''s losing her mind. br>br>And then, just before Christmas, there''s an unexplained death and Una''s life going from bad to worse . . .br>br>Praise for Ragnar Jonassonbr>br>''This is Icelandic noir of the highest order, with Jonasson''s atmospheric sense of place, and his heroine''s unerring humanity shining from every page'' Daily Mailbr>br>''Triumphant conclusion. Chilling, creepy, perceptive, almost unbearably tense'' Ian Rankinbr>br>''This is such a tense, gripping read'' Anthony Horowitzbr>br>''Brilliantly effective. Each book enraptures us'' The Times Literary Supplementbr>br>''Superb . . . chilling . . . one of the great tragic heroines of contemporary detective fiction'' Sunday Times Crime Book of the Monthbr>br>''A classic crime story seen through a uniquely Icelandic lens. First rate and highly recommended'' Lee Childbr>br>''Chilling - a must-read'' Peter James>

  • 'Ragnar Jonasson writes with a chilling, poetic beauty - a must-read addition to the growing canon of Iceland Noir' Peter James, The Number One bestselling author of Love You Dead **Preorder the incredible second novel in the new Hulda crime series from Icelandic superstar** The island of ElliO.aey sits off the Icelandic coast. Accessible only by boat its isolation makes it the perfect place to vanish. During a long, hot summer five friends visit the island. Only four will return. They each share a past, and a dark secret that could harm them all. As the days pass, tensions rise and loyalties are shed, one of them will commit murder. Detective Inspector Hulda Hermannsdottir is sent to investigate and soon finds echoes with the case of a young woman found murdered ten years previously in the nearby Westfjords. Is there a patient killer stalking these barren outposts? As Hulda navigates a sinister game constructed of smoke and mirrors she is convinced that no one is telling the truth, including those closest to her. But who will crack first? Haunting, suspenseful and as chilling as the Icelandic winter The Island follows one woman's journey to find the truth hidden in the darkest shadows, and shine a light on her own dark past. 'Dark, chilling and utterly gripping, The Island is Nordic noir at its best, and is destined to become a classic of the genre. I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read the rest of the Hulda series!' Shari Lapena, bestselling author of The Couple Next Door Praise for Ragnar Jonasson Seductive ... an old-fashioned murder mystery with a strong central character and the fascinating background of a small Icelandic town cut off by snow. Ragnar does claustrophobia beautifully' Ann Cleeves 'His clues are traditional and beautifully finessed - and he keeps you turning the pages' The Independent on Snowblind Distinctive blend of Nordic noir and golden age detective fiction...atmospheric...economical and evocative prose' The Guardian on Nightblind 'Jonasson's books have breathed new life into Nordic noir ...all the skilful plotting of an old-fashioned whodunit although it feels bitingly contemporary in setting and tone' Sunday Express 'The ending hits the reader like a kick in the stomach' Frettatiminn **** 'Out of all of Ragnar's books, this is the one I like the most . . . The book of his which reminds me most of Agatha Christie' Kiljan, on The Island

  • La dernière tempête Nouv.

  • Dix âmes, pas plus Nouv.